Yup guys it is another Animal Crossing post but this one is mine.....So....You should maybe read it. This is actually the first Animal Crossing game I have ever played due to the fact that I avoided it and games like Harvest Moon like the plague. I used to tilt my nose up in an easily assumed arrogant stance and look down at those that did play it. Why didn't they play any REAL games?! Needless to say I don't do that anymore, partly because I am a gentleman now and don't do such things, but also because I really do love this game. As stated earlier I had ending fatigue from catching up on my game backlog and I wanted something that would be more soothing. My wife was going to get Animal Crossing so I decided to follow suit and see what she liked about it.

It hooked me almost immediately with the charm that it put across, it was like I was playing an interactive storybook with bits of realism mixed in there to keep it tethered to the player. This imaginative realism covered every aspect of the game from the anthropomorphic animals living in your village to the simple lines of my tent. As I went about trying to get enough bells to get done what needed to be done I was caught by how fun the normally tedious sounding task of fishing or bug catching was. I was filled with Wonder. And that is what makes this game special to me, and captured my attention. All of my games are entertaining and they hold my attention and make me feel things but at the same time I can't think of one that managed to impart the same sense of Wonder that Animal Crossing gives me. It only bolstered my regard of the game when I looked over and saw the same Wonder in the eyes of my wife as she played her game. I understood now what she loved about the game.

As we go about our lives filled with the daily grind of going to our jobs or going to classes or worrying about student loans or meeting the specifications for certain scholarships, it is easy to forget the easy sense of Wonder we had as children. I enjoy watching my Nieces and Nephews, especially the younger ones. I think there is a purity in their curiosity about the world that is soon lost to us. Have you ever seen a child stare with wide eyed fascination at a bubble or a new toy or a ceiling fan? To them that is their focus, utterly and completely, and you can see the Wonder in their eyes. That is what Animal Crossing reminds me of. It reminds me of simpler things. I may still be paying debts and crossing things off the list similar to what I do in my own day to day but it is subtly different because that Wonder is there.

My Wife and I took Animal Crossing with us on our Honeymoon, to the chagrin of our respective families. They thought we would waste our time playing a Videogame but they didn't understand. My Wife and I both are happy we brought it with us because at the end of those exciting days while we were winding down we were able to slow down and water those flowers, try to catch those sharks, and try our hands at interior design and flag making. I think that in todays world as adults we are told to ignore Wonder and put our nose to the grindstone but I rail against that! Now it is even more important to embrace Wonder in all its forms, and I will continue to play Animal Crossing looking with wide eyed and almost innocent Wonder at the things it continues to show me as my wife and I play through it.