Well lovely ladies and dapper gents of TAY I had a very busy weekend so far. I am getting married next Saturday and so we decided to have my bachelor party this weekend. Debauchery and lasciviousness up ahead right? Of course then there is the fact this is me we are talking about so we decided to go to the Anime Expo in Albuquerque New Mexico. I had never been to a Con of any sort before because I never wanted to travel for one and my town is deliriously small so there was nothing of the sort here. Needless to say it was a delightful experience! My best man and I drove up Friday afternoon and spent that day looking around downtown and various hatshops(I like hats,shut up.) and then ended the night with a movie that ended around 2 am or so. After sleeping for a while I awoke rosy cheeked and excited to go to my first con. When we got there I was immediately stricken. So many interesting costumes and individuals! I had not paid too much attention to who was going to be there but I was excited to see the original Black and Blue power rangers.

The thing I found most amazing was the costumes honestly. I don't feel right posting pictures of others without their express consent though so my musings shall have to suffice for this part of the story. I saw a young woman on stilts as Pyramid Head, I saw a stroller turned into the Normandy so that it's occupant could comfortably roll ahead of his costumed parents, and to my great delight I saw a couple dressed as Naoto and Kanji from Persona 4. I immediately struck up a conversation with them that lasted a good while. As I wandered about the exhibition floor I of course picked up a few trinkets and that is the second coolest part.

I spotted Ash's hat from Pokemon and after excitedly, but altogether unsuccessfully trying to turn my Bowler Hat around to show I meant business, I purchased it.It just so happened that the lovely Veronica Taylor had a booth at this particular Expo and I was flabbergasted before immediately running over there to have her sign my hat. Fascinated by my enthusiasm or perhaps just nice she signed my hat for free but I purchased a photo for her to sign as well. Here be the hat in it's Poke-Mastery goodness.

After this lovely experience I delved further into my wallet to buy assorted prints that I found at various booths. I spotted one that I knew would be an instant purchase due to my particular weakness to a particular Quarian and then soon after that I saw a lovely scene from Final Fantasy X that I knew needs must be mine. Pardon the quality but these are from my phone.


And finally dear friends, to bring this longwinded(And I apologize if I am overly verbose as this was an exciting weekend for me) post to a near close I spotted something I knew my Fiance would love, pictured alongside the Snorlax my Mother made me a number of years ago because reasons I'm sure.


In conclusion my first Con was pretty sweet if I do say so myself(Did meet the Power Rangers as well). The people were nice and the atmosphere was congenial and respectful of others, and it was fun to look around that's for sure. Thanks for indulging me TAY,that's all.