Since my last article was a little serious I felt like writing something that was a bit lighter. I want to talk about something that kind of bothers me about newer games and that is the lack of a really good game manual in with the game. I'm not talking about a strategy guide(Although some gave you that in the game manual as well) but just that little booklet that was such a source of joy for me inside the PS2 case or the GBA box. I loved the manuals, so much so that if my friends did not want the manuals I would take them and read them. Now this started young, in that I still distinctly remember reading the game manual for Legend of Dragoon over and over.

A little context being that when we moved, we moved to a small town where normally I had to wait until we went out of town to shop to grab a game I had my eyes on, and that once I got it I had to wait an hour and a half or so until we got home. During this time the game manual was like the first tasting. It was letting me read a little bit about the world that I was going to be delving into, and about the characters that I was going to beat. I read and re-read these manuals as well as the back of the box and by the time that I was able to play the game the anticipation was great and I felt like I had an advantage when going into the game. Now I also collect strategy guides for games I particularly enjoy but at the same time those don't give me the same rush as the initial reading of the game manual.

With a few exceptions most newer games do not really have game manuals as I knew them anymore. They have a wimpy two page little booklet detailing how to use a controller. This saddens me greatly dear friends. While it could be argued that it lets you venture into the game world as a blank slate knowing nothing so your wonder is untainted, that initial anticipation garnered from devouring the manual(Figuratively of course....or is it?!) is something that is missing for me. That being said one thing that I was happy to see when I was first playing Vita games is that they have the game manual on the cartridge! This was awesome to discover and it was lovely reading a manual like that again but it still saddened me that they weren't physically there. We should bring back game manuals my friends.

Are there any game manuals that hold a special place for you guys?