Due to graduating from college recently I gave myself some free time before moving on to play some videogames that had backlogged lately. As I played through and beat these games it started getting harder and harder to separate myself from the game once it was done. It is interesting the strangely melancholic but equally exultant feeling one gets when a game is finished. On one hand you are happy because you have beaten the game, completed the objective, and done what you are supposed to do. But on the other hand you are sad because you have to leave those characters behind and even if you replay the game it will not have the same thrill of new experiences and new characters. So in our own way as gamers we live many lives, that is true and it is rightly celebrated, but we say goodbye just as much. Some goodbyes are harder than others, as I noted in my post about Persona 4. I am ever amazed at the mediums ability to so engross in the lives and stories of the games that when it comes time to end it we hesitate. Even if only for the barest instant, we hesitate to end the contact by moving on towards the ending. The buildup of saying so many goodbyes in such a short time has actually taken a toll on me and that is absolutely fascinating to me. We all handle the fatigue differently, I personally like to go out and get a tattoo to remind me of games I particularly loved.

Have there been any games in your experience that have made it the hardest to say goodbye? Games that had an emotional and real effect on you? For me I believe the games that made it hardest would be Persona 4, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy IX and X, and Mass Effect 3. Each for differing reasons but the ending fatigue was always there, melancholic and joyful, painful and delightful.